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Z loves Class!

We have been going to library classes since Zeke was a baby and he absolutely loves them.  Since he has entered toddler years we’ve also added some other classes from around town into our rotation and every time I tell him we’re going to class he gets so excited!! This day was extra fun because… Continue reading Z loves Class!


One Pan Baked Cod + Zucchini + Carrots

OOO, this recipe was so yummy and you can’t beat baking everything in one pan!  Lately, with packing, remodeling, and working on our foster care licensing I have been loving anything that saves time and simplifies life. Ingredients: Baked Cod fillets 1 Zucchini – sliced 4 Large Carrots – sliced 1/2 tsp Onion Powder 1/4… Continue reading One Pan Baked Cod + Zucchini + Carrots

Family Life · Foster to Adopt

Getting ready, the unknown of Foster Care

One of the difficult parts of this Foster to Adopt journey is the vast amount of things that are out of my control.  I enjoy planning and scheduling my life.  To do lists are my friend and when there is a plan I am more at ease. With Foster to Adopt we have no idea… Continue reading Getting ready, the unknown of Foster Care

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A Trip Around The Sun – Book Review

Basically: Read this book!!  It is well written and full of great stories from two men who live incredible lives.  Even if you’re not a Christian, this book is full inspiring and encouraging words. The subtitle, ‘Turning Your Everyday Life into the Adventure of a Lifetime” is a perfect summary of the book. My husband… Continue reading A Trip Around The Sun – Book Review

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My Experience with Clear Correct, So far

A little over 2 months ago I got Clear Correct, it’s a form of braces like Invisalign but a different brand.  My teeth needed a little straightening, they have moved since having braces in middle school.  The main reason I chose to get them was for bite correction.  My dentist told me I would either… Continue reading My Experience with Clear Correct, So far