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Bluebonnets with Z

After my bluebonnet photo session the other day I got to snap a few of my little love.  He loved playing in the flowers but you can totally see his boy nature coming out!  After watching the twin girls pick the flowers and love on each other and skip through the field it was a… Continue reading Bluebonnets with Z

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The heart of prayer

I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer lately.  God has been bringing it up in seemingly random ways for the past few weeks.  I’ll hear a sermon and a part about prayer will stick out and keep playing in my head for days. For example, I was listening to a sermon by Francis Chan the other… Continue reading The heart of prayer

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Blue and Green Dress

Blue and green is my favorite color combination.  I love blue, any shade, and especially when you mix a bunch of shades together – I decorate my house with this in mind.  I have stools that I painted 2 different shades of blue and I’m contemplating painting each of my kitchen chairs a different shade… Continue reading Blue and Green Dress

Family Life

Slippers and Water Bottles

Of course some of Zeke’s favorite toys are not toys at all but things he sees Mama using around the house!   I always have a water bottle near by so Zeke has formed an affinity for them!  This one was on our headboard, he climbed up over our mountain of pillows and finally reached… Continue reading Slippers and Water Bottles