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In your rocking chair someday…

“You are responsible for the way you’ll look back on your life when you’re eighty years old.  You’re in control of the way you’ll feel that day in your rocking chair…” – Emily Ley, Grace not Perfection. I love this quote!  And I’m loving this book! I don’t remember when, but when I heard the phrase… Continue reading In your rocking chair someday…

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Hand-Me-Downs and Blessings

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been struggling for some time with a rather life consuming issue.  I know, dramatic.  But sometimes the big issues are big issues.  So what is it?  Unexplained infertility. Sometimes it’s hard to say out loud, or in this case write.  Sometimes thinking about it makes me cry in… Continue reading Hand-Me-Downs and Blessings

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Trying To ‘Do It All’?

Dear friend, Ever find yourself in a race to ‘do it all’ or ‘have it all together’? I want to gently ask you, for who? Who are you ‘trying’ for?  Is it for others?  The other moms, your friends, your spouse, your coworkers, your family, or my most favorite, yourself? That’s a hard one and… Continue reading Trying To ‘Do It All’?

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The heart of prayer

I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer lately.  God has been bringing it up in seemingly random ways for the past few weeks.  I’ll hear a sermon and a part about prayer will stick out and keep playing in my head for days. For example, I was listening to a sermon by Francis Chan the other… Continue reading The heart of prayer

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Intimidating Friends

I just finished reading Tricia Goyer’s ‘Blue Like Play Dough.’  This is the first book I’ve read of hers, I loved the relatable way she writes and how encouraging she is.  It felt like we were sitting across the table enjoying a cup of coffee while talking over the joys and trials of womanhood and… Continue reading Intimidating Friends


It’s Ok to care about the worship music!

I don’t know why but for some reason it seems like it is a bad thing to care about the worship music at church! Ok, I have an idea of why.  It is because everyone likes different music, especially when you mix in multiple generations and definitely when you add in multiple cultures.  And sometimes when… Continue reading It’s Ok to care about the worship music!

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Christmas and Guilt

Christmas is coming, in case you didn’t know! Why is it that these holidays come with so many different emotions?  Oh wait, I already know the answer. Because there is a lifetime of traditions and family gatherings and parties and reflections on the past year and family gatherings (did I already say that one!) and… Continue reading Christmas and Guilt