I’m Julia, thanks for stopping by!

I’m a California girl living in Texas, I moved here with my husband in 2014 and we have been enjoying learning this new southern lifestyle!

My husband, Mark, and I got married in 2011.  He worked in the entertainment industry for many years before transitioning to sales.  I was a dancer and owned a studio in California but have been taking a break since our move to Texas.  I also studied theology in college and have worked in a church for many years.  I still work part-time at our church and spend the rest of my time enjoying taking care of my son as a stay at home mom.

My son was born in 2015 and I have learned more about the love, grace and mercy of God through his life than ever before.  He is our answer to prayer after many years of waiting and hoping.  My son goes by Zeke, a nickname we love that doubles as a way to protect him on this public blog.

Here is where I hope to talk about our life and remember all of the fun highlights.  I also hope to bring some encouragement to you about faith, God’s incredible love for us and this awesome life, as we walk with Him.julia-94 edit by julia.jpg


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