daily life

Z loves Class!

We have been going to library classes since Zeke was a baby and he absolutely loves them.  Since he has entered toddler years we’ve also added some other classes from around town into our rotation and every time I tell him we’re going to class he gets so excited!!

This day was extra fun because we met up with some friends for class in the morning and then had a fun playdate in the afternoon!  I love all the social time we get together!

Toddler Play- southernmercy.com 20180213 01

Toddler Play- southernmercy.com 20180213 02

Toddler Play- southernmercy.com 20180213 03
Eating his new favorite snack, popcorn!

Whenever Zeke eats something that tastes extra good he gets so excited he jumps up and down and claps!  It’s the cutest thing!  I love his excitement for life and new experiences!


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