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Getting ready, the unknown of Foster Care

One of the difficult parts of this Foster to Adopt journey is the vast amount of things that are out of my control.  I enjoy planning and scheduling my life.  To do lists are my friend and when there is a plan I am more at ease.


With Foster to Adopt we have no idea what’s coming, or when.  When our license goes through, (Lord, please let it be soon!) we will be open for kids ages birth through 8 years old, and a sibling group of up to 3 children.

There are a few things I can get ready, like their beds, car seats… but there is so much I don’t know how to prepare for.  I’m tracking down everyone I know who’s been through this and asking, “how do you prepare for this?”  And everyone says, you kind of don’t.


Great!!  So good for my planning mind!

I’m trying to collect a few things for each age group and gender, pajamas, clothing in various sizes, bedding.  But toys and entertainment is baffling me.  I have no idea what an eight year old might like to play with!??!!

Zeke’s days as an only child may be numbered too.  But I don’t know what that number is???!!!  It’s maddening sometimes.


I’ve seen my friends pregnant with their second child.  I’ve watched them take special time with their first-born when they know their due date is approaching.  I’m kind of doing that in my own way.  But I do not know how long we have, and when we get kids in our home they may stay 24 hours or forever.  The only one who knows is God.  So I’m trying to take this as an opportunity to grow my faith and learn some better anti-anxiety techniques!  Hello, yoga videos during Z’s nap time! Ha!


On an incredibly encouraging note, a friend just gave us a brand new car seat for one of our Foster Kiddos!!!!  The way God is providing for us and how our friends have been so incredibly generous, encouraging, and helpful through all of this is blowing me away.  I’ve read other’s stories but I always thought, how nice for them…but I don’t think that would happen in my life.

I’m so thankful I was wrong!


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