L Maternity, the rest

I loved doing this shoot.  They are so in love and it’s so fun to be around them!  This cute little town was the perfect setting!

L + J Maternity-2522L + J Maternity-2472L + J Maternity-2487L + J Maternity-2442L + J Maternity-2446L + J Maternity-2454L + J Maternity-2476L + J Maternity-8706L + J Maternity-8699L + J Maternity-2526L + J Maternity-2529L + J Maternity-8753L + J Maternity-8738L + J Maternity-2557L + J Maternity-2560L + J Maternity-8696L + J Maternity-8709L + J Maternity-8720L + J Maternity-8722L + J Maternity-8742L + J Maternity-8747L + J Maternity-8755L + J Maternity-8759L + J Maternity-8779


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