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5 Things I’ve Learned About Texas

It’s the 3 year anniversary of our move to Texas!  I cannot believe how fast time has gone.  I’ve been through many stages of figuring this place out.


Here’s some things I’ve learned about the Lone Star State and the South:

1. Bug bites can make you reconsider your life!  Yes, dramatic, but if you’ve had an annoying, itching, unsightly bug bite (or 24!) for weeks on end you might reconsider your daily activities too!  Throughout the spring, summer and fall, basically from warm weather until the first freeze, being outside – or inside if you haven’t closed the doors quickly, leaves you open for bug bites.  Notice how I keep saying ‘bug’ and not mosquito bites?!  That’s because I’ve also learned that there are a million other bugs that bit besides mosquitos!  And yes, I’ve been bitten by some of them.  To name a few: poisonous spiders (twice), red ants, and chiggers.  Oh the joys!  I’ve never hoped for a first freeze before, actually, I didn’t even know the term ‘first freeze‘ before, but now I pray for it!

2.  Church and Christianity is part of the culture.  There is a large majority of people who go to church or claim Christianity here.  This does not necessarily mean they are Bible reading, God-loving, Jesus is my best friend, Christians.  It means they go on Sundays (sometimes), have a church they associate with and attend activities related to church or Christianity.  It’s part of the social makeup of life here.  It can be good and bad.  Good because prayer, talk of the Bible and God and an openness to religion is comfortable.  Bad because it’s hard to break through that to KNOW God’s sweetness and understand what a deep, REAL relationship with Him is like.


3.  I know why the Texas Belle’s hair is so big!!!!!  When I first moved here I was so excited for church on Sunday!  I thought for sure this would be the place I would sight all those beautifully made up up ladies with their big Southern hair and full face of makeup!  I was sadly disappointed.  While most women don’t sport the traditional ‘bigger the hair, closer to God‘ style I was hoping to see, or the full makeup, I have seen a few and I still get really excited!  They are my unicorn!  I don’t know why, but I am completely fascinated!  I have discovered their secret…Humidity and Hairspray!!!

I used to straighten or curl my hair every day in California.  I have long since given this up here!  Although I miss the texture of my hair when it’s straight or curled there is no point here.  I have spent too much time styling my hair only to have it go back to its natural texture of waves, or worse frizz within a few hours minutes of walking out the door!  When we had Zeke’s 1 year birthday pictures, I started the session with perfectly straight hair, by the end my hair was wavy.  You can see the progression through the photos!! The session was 40 minutes. in September. in 90 degrees of humidity.  Totally worth it though!  I love those pictures!  Also, I’ve learned to enjoy my natural texture.

4.  My hair changes throughout the year depending on the weather!  Yes, more on the subject of hair!  I may be learning this one my whole life, but finding a magic product for my hair does not always mean it’s magic forever!  My hair changes texture and dryness throughout the year and depending on the humidity levels so the same conditioner, serum or gloss will not work in the summer and the winter!


5.  Check the weather before you get dressed!  While I had heard the weather changes quickly, I didn’t quite understand what that means.  Yes, sometimes it can be cold in the morning and hot by the afternoon, I am used to that in California.  This phrase in Texas has more to do with storms.  By storms I mean wall shaking, window rattling, is someone knocking on my roof, thunder and lightning.  Rain so hard and fast that you cannot see 10 feet in front of you on the road.  On another note, those sirens going off in your neighborhood?!  They signal big hail coming, not just tornadoes! So, before you make playdate plans at the park, make sure it’s not going to be raining, freezing or too hot!


The weather in Texas could be its own post.  It’s crazy and sometimes scary.  Anytime you’re in weather that could kill people, it’s a big deal.  Not something I experienced too many times in Southern California!

It seems I have leaned a lot more about Texas then I realized!  I love this big, crazy place!  There are so many things about our life, the lifestyle we live and especially our friendships that I love about Texas!!  It was a major change when we moved.  California is a part of me and it was hard to leave.  But I am so thankful Mark got the job that moved us here and we were brave enough to pick up and start a completely new chapter of our life.


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