Family Life

First Baseball Game

We went to visit Mark’s family in Southern California last week!  It was wonderful!  We had a great time relaxing, getting in some good rest, family time, us time, beach time, sun time, all the good stuff!

Mark’s dad loves baseball so it was extra special to go to Zeke’s first baseball game with them!  I love live sports, the atmosphere is always so much fun and the Angel’s stadium is one of my favorites!  I love fireworks and they have a special display of fireworks at the beginning of every game during the National Anthem that always gets me!IMG_5101IMG_5102IMG_5108

Mark’s mom saved his cowboy boots from when he was a toddler and let Zeke wear them during our visit.  He never wanted to take them off!!  It was so cute.  Every morning he’d wake up saying, “boots, boots” because the first thing he wanted was to put them back on!



What better way to enjoy a baseball game then while clutching one of your favorite toys, a ball!


He’s got the cheering thing down!  He learned well from all those hockey games we went to!


Nap time!  I’m so thankful he can sleep most places!


We are so thankful for Mark’s sweet parents!!  We miss them so much!

IMG_5157 - Version 2


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