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Donate your Eye Glasses!

Did you know you can donate your old prescription eye glasses!?!

IMG_2084 - Version 2

As I’ve been cleaning up, clearing out and overall decluttering our house I’ve been looking for ways to give away some of our stuff.  I hate just throwing things away so we’ve been recycling and finding new places to donate things.

It’s been pretty fun to see how some of our old stuff can be used by someone else!  I hate waste and as I look around our house at all the stuff we don’t need it’s nice to know it wasn’t a total waste and that it’s not just going to a landfill to sit for who knows how long!


Top ways I’ve found to help our stuff find new life:

  1.  Give books you’ve already read to friends with similar reading interests.  This goes for children’s books too, because after you’ve memorized all of your books it’s time to memorize all your friends books too!!!
  2. Have a clothing swap with friends!  I love this!  Clothing is one of the ways I feel creative, I love putting together outfits and finding new ways to wear something.  Ie.  wear a button up shirt open with a shirt under it, tie it over a dress, etc.  So swapping clothes with friends is a fun way to add some new outfits to your wardrobe without having to go shopping!  because a.) shopping with a toddler can be an Olympic level challenge and b.) chances are your friends have similar taste and something their tired of wearing might be your new favorite go to piece!
  3. Have a toy swap!   You know your kids get tired of their toys and if the toy rotation thing isn’t working as well as you’d hoped, try this one out!  Most toys are pretty indestructible, but definitely don’t swap anything you or your child has sentimental attachments to.  Kids are kids, they break stuff sometime!
  4. Check out a local closet for Foster families.  These Foster parenting closets are amazing!!!  As we’ve jumped further into foster parenting we’ve been learning about these great resources.  There are a few places in our area that collect new and gently used kids items so when a foster family gets a placement they can go pick up what they need.  Often there is little notice before getting a placement and shopping all the essentials, or even knowing what you need before the child is in your home is overwhelming plus there just isn’t time for it!  A lot of times foster parents don’t have the children in their home for extended periods of time so this saves a lot of money, time and effort, they can pick up what they need and then bring back what’s still in great condition when the child moves on.  Plus, if you have opened your home to a wide age range you don’t have to stock your house for every necessary item for boys or girls ages birth to 13!  Can you imagine how much stuff you’d need!!??!!
  5. It’s about time for college aged students to be moving into dorms or moving out of the house.  Maybe there are some students in your church who would like some of your kitchen extras as you clear out the clutter from your cupboards.
  6. Local shelters are a great place for your donations, just be sure to call ahead to know what they are looking for.
  7. Thrift stores are great too, I try to do some research to know what kind of organization is behind the store and who they help with their profits.  I also like to know what they do with the stuff they don’t take.  That way you can make an informed decision.


Where do you like to take your donations?

What items do you like to donate?

Any unusual items to donate?  I never thought of donating my glasses until I saw a sign at my optometry appointment!


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