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In your rocking chair someday…

“You are responsible for the way you’ll look back on your life when you’re eighty years old.  You’re in control of the way you’ll feel that day in your rocking chair…” – Emily Ley, Grace not Perfection.

I love this quote!  And I’m loving this book!

IMG_6675 - Version 2

I don’t remember when, but when I heard the phrase ‘intentional living’ something in me shifted and I have made that one of the themes of my life.  I don’t want my life to pass without intention, I want to grab it and enjoy it and live it to the fullest!


There’s freedom in those words.  No matter what happens to me – all the things I can’t control like illness, accidents, plans that never come to fruition and decisions other make affect my life but I am responsible for how I react to them.  My attitude, perspective and choices in how I deal with those things are what shape my life.

So there’s two things to think about in this quote:

  1.  How I spend my time and fill my days.
  2. How I choose to react to the things I cannot control and the everydayness of life.


This big picture perspective has helped me decide how to fill my calendar.  I made a list of the 5 things that matter most to me.  Not just today or this year but things that I will be happy I accomplished when I’m 90.  From there I fill my days.  If it doesn’t add to one of those things I might still do it but I keep in mind that if life gets too stressful it will be the first to go!  I have a tendency to get too busy and this helps me keep perspective.

Here’s a look at my first 3:

  1.  A vibrant, growing and close relationship with God.
  2. A healthy, fun and deep relationship with my family.
  3. Close, encouraging and supportive family-like friendships.


You probably have similar goals/priorities on your list!  The funny thing is when I tend to get busy these are the first things to go.  Changing my perspective helped me to see that and be more intentional about keeping what matters and letting go of the rest.


What about you?  What are the things you will be happy you did when you look back on your life?  How do you keep your schedule from getting too busy?  What helps you hold the right perspective?



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