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Digital Image Organization

How is your digital image library organized?

I have always been an organized person.  My brain functions better when I’m surrounded by order and neatness.

color coded books in my son’s room

As someone who loves to take pictures, I have a lot of images to store and organize.   Not only do I love pictures but it helps me remember my life!  I’m a visual person so images mean a lot to me.

color coded jewelry

Lately I have been going through my pictures and eliminating, organizing, condensing and decluttering.  It is a long process but when it’s over it will be so much easier to find and enjoy my images.

I use iPhoto to organize my photos by date.  I like the visual albums that appear in the iPhoto library.

When I back up my images I take them directly from the camera and put them into folders on my back up drive.

Folders are organized by year, month and then date including a brief description of what happened and what is in the album.  This allows me to easily search photo albums to find a date, place, or event.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 6.03.30 PM

Within each year I also have an iPhoto Library containing only the pictures of that year.

There are so many ways to organize digital images and programs to view them.  I’m always interested in how others store theirs!  What’s your favorite method?


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