Family Life

Being in the Pictures

Maybe it’s just me, but I take a billion pictures of my kid!  I love to take pictures any way so add in a small adorable child and you get A LOT of pictures.  But the thing I’ve noticed is that I’m not in many of them.


I’m usually taking them or it’s just of Zeke doing his latest, cutest thing and I end up looking through my pictures later and don’t see myself…

Also, I am too critical of pictures and if it doesn’t look awesome, ie. great lighting, great composition, flattering pose, styling is on point, etc. I don’t like the photo and won’t use it. Which is also why I don’t end up with very many photos of myself…


So, I’m trying to change that.  Trying to embrace this whole present over perfect thing and enjoy the moments and the photos I have instead of obsessing over the imperfections.

The other side effect of pursuing perfect is that I don’t end up with anything because I’m too focused on getting it exactly right.IMG_3611

Anyone else in the same boat?

So blog friends, I’m going to (try to) stop worrying about posting the perfect picture and focus more on what I want to remember, talk about, learn from, and create.  The important parts, not the perfect parts.


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