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Sensory Bin

Sensory Bin - 20170110 01

I tried my first sensory bin!  Hello, Pinterest!!  Some of those ideas actually work!!  I used black beans and sand toys and Z loved it!  He scooped up the beans and poured them into the bin, trying all different tools and toys.  He loved the feel of the beans and pushed them between his fingers and squeezed them in his hands.

Sensory Bin - 20170110 02

It was all great…until he decided to see how much fun it would be to spray them all over the house!!  To try to contain this new-found joy and prevent me from spending the rest of the afternoon picking up beans I replaced the original beach towel with a sheet.  It worked a little better but next time I’ll be making a few changes!

Sensory Bin - 20170110 03

He really loved the activity and I love the idea of finding creative play activities for him but I’m definitely going to explore some options that require less clean up time for me.  And won’t leave me finding black beans on my dark wood floor for the next month!Sensory Bin - 20170110 04

Things to change for next time:

  1. playing outside with the sensory bin!!
  2.  lighter beans (pinto beans, probably) so it’s easier to spot them when cleaning up in the family room.
  3. since there’s no way we’re going to eat them, maybe an even cheaper food, like rice!

Every time he sees the bin with the sand toys in it he asks to play again so I will be needing to try these soon!  I’ll update if I find anything better!

Have you tried a sensory bin with your kids?  What worked best inside the bin?  Where did they play with the bin?

Sensory Bin - 20170110 05


2 thoughts on “Sensory Bin

  1. Oof, the beans. Everywhere! My kids love playing with our sensory bins too, but no matter what I do mess ends up everywhere. So far we’ve tried kidney beans, rice, pasta (the swirly ones) kinetic sand, and lentils. Note: the rice is dusty. Can’t get it the dust out, and I worry about triggering breathing issues.

    The lentils are our favorite by far – a very mesmerizing texture, slippery, but they squeeze together. I love them too – just not cleaning up.

    One of my better ideas was an inflatable swimming pool. Works fairly well until the toddler decides to pour them outside of the pool.

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    1. Ooo, thanks! I’ll try lentils next!! And the inflatable pool! Great idea! Although I’m sure Z will still want to throw them everywhere!! Maybe it will contain the mess a little bit longer!? Or at least give me more of a head start on stopping it! Ha!

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