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Blue and Green Dress

Blue + Green Dress- 20170304 01Blue and green is my favorite color combination.  I love blue, any shade, and especially when you mix a bunch of shades together – I decorate my house with this in mind.  I have stools that I painted 2 different shades of blue and I’m contemplating painting each of my kitchen chairs a different shade of blue (inspired by the FRIENDS TV show, of course!).Blue + Green Dress- 20170304 02

Blue + Green Dress- 20170304 03

When I found this dress I knew I was going to own it, I almost didn’t care if it fit, I was determined to at least own the fabric and figure out what to do with it later.  <— don’t let that fool you, I am so not crafty, but I’m trying and I’m not afraid to experiment!  Dangerous, yes!!  But also, fun!

Blue + Green Dress- 20170304 04Blue + Green Dress- 20170304 05



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