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Intimidating Friends

I just finished reading Tricia Goyer’s ‘Blue Like Play Dough.’  This is the first book I’ve read of hers, I loved the relatable way she writes and how encouraging she is.  It felt like we were sitting across the table enjoying a cup of coffee while talking over the joys and trials of womanhood and motherhood!

In one chapter she talks about women that can be intimidating at first.  She meets a woman that she assumes she won’t click with because they are so different and the woman is an expert at all the things she is not great at.  I have met women like this.  I am sure you have too!



What’s funny is that this woman felt the same about Tricia.  Tricia was good at all the things she wasn’t and seemed to have it all together in all the ways she only wished she did.  Eventually they became friends and got to learn from each other.  Their differences made them stronger.

I have several girlfriends like this.  They seemed like the perfect Mom/Cook/Homemaker/Volunteer/Artist/etc.  I was so intimidated and caught in my own insecurities that I avoided friendship because I was afraid they wouldn’t think I was good enough or that all of my inadequacies would be too obvious to get past for a friendship.

How silly and maddening!  To be held off of friendship by my own doing because of dumb lies I believed.  In all of these friendships, as with everyone, there are imperfections.  No one has it all together.  And the strengths of your friends are great assets in your life.


Just as you can help them and support or encourage your friends in things you are great at, they can do the same for you!  And the same enjoyment and satisfaction you get from teaching someone else, they get when they help you!  Letting others into your life is one of the great joys of life.

Letting them into the messier, vulnerable places is what makes great friendships.

What is an area of your life you feel you excel?

What is something you feel you can give or teach to someone else?

Who of your friends is great at something you would like to learn?  Have you ever asked them to help you? How did it go?



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