Family Life

Slippers and Water Bottles

Of course some of Zeke’s favorite toys are not toys at all but things he sees Mama using around the house!   I always have a water bottle near by so Zeke has formed an affinity for them!  This one was on our headboard, he climbed up over our mountain of pillows and finally reached… Continue reading Slippers and Water Bottles

Family Life

Swords and Capes, Oh Boy!

I love that kids enjoy playing with the simplest things!  Usually those things have nothing to do with the traditional toys we get them, unless of course, it’s the box it came in! Today Zeke had hours minutes of fun, let’s be real, he’s a toddler, his attention span is about 5 seconds!  His toy of… Continue reading Swords and Capes, Oh Boy!


Turkey Bone Broth – Recipe

I just started making bone broth this year after reading so many articles about its benefits!  As an added bonus, it’s cheaper than buying broth so it saves us money! I started by chopping up my veggies ahead of time.  With a toddler I have to get creative with how I use my time so… Continue reading Turkey Bone Broth – Recipe

Books · Faith

Intimidating Friends

I just finished reading Tricia Goyer’s ‘Blue Like Play Dough.’  This is the first book I’ve read of hers, I loved the relatable way she writes and how encouraging she is.  It felt like we were sitting across the table enjoying a cup of coffee while talking over the joys and trials of womanhood and… Continue reading Intimidating Friends