It’s Ok to care about the worship music!

Beach + Worship- 20170131 02

I don’t know why but for some reason it seems like it is a bad thing to care about the worship music at church!

Ok, I have an idea of why.  It is because everyone likes different music, especially when you mix in multiple generations and definitely when you add in multiple cultures.  And sometimes when people have differing preferences at church they complain about it and then it becomes a whole thing.  And pretty soon people are focusing too much on if church is catered appropriately to their needs/desires/preferences and the whole point of church gets lost.

Beach + Worship- 20170131 03

Ok, I totally get that.

But, because of all of that I have found myself feeling guilty for caring about the worship music, which in and of it self is ridiculous!  I am on a mission to stomp out guilt from my life!  Such a waste of time and emotions and thoughts!

I love music.  Probably an obvious statement coming from a dancer!  I love the way music makes me feel, makes me remember special times in life, makes me move without even thinking about it, makes me feel excited, contemplative, joyful or at peace.

Music helps me to connect with God and my spiritual life in a way that nothing else can.

Beach + Worship- 20170201 04

Because of that, it is important.  To me.  And to others.

It is important.  It is not the most important thing about church and God and spiritual life.  It is not something we should fight over or fight for, necessarily.  But it is important, because I know there are other people like me.  The connection I feel to God, the way worship music can center me and bring me to a place or listening and learning in church is important for my spiritual life.

Beach + Worship- 20170204 01

I am thankful that God gave me this connection to music and I am thankful for this recent freedom to enjoy worship music without feeling guilty about it!  If your church doesn’t give you a worship experience that helps connect you with God I encourage you to seek out ways to do that for yourself.  There are many ways you can connect with God: take a walk, read the Scriptures, read a devotional, play/listen/sing a song, go for a hike, walk on the beach, or enjoy the world God has created through some of your other senses.

What are some ways you connect to God in worship?

Do you enjoy a certain type of worship experience?

Have you ever been to a music and worship experience that included lighting?

– I saw an incredible display of lighting that was choreographed to the lyrics at a conference once, and it has stayed with me!  Every time I think about it I get excited!  The choreographer in me LOVED it!


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