Family Life

Bunny Pictures

For the first year I did a bunny picture every month for Zeke.  When he was just a week old and then in the newborn stage I propped him next to the bunny or snuggled them together.  I loved taking the pictures and watching him grow.  As he started moving around more, he of course wanted to play with the bunny and then eventually throw the bunny!  It became harder and harder to get a good picture.bunny-antics06

I stopped taking those at one year but just for fun did one more the other day because he has just started to enjoy stuffed animals a bit.


I love to watch him explore new things and enjoy new toys.  For Christmas he got a teddy bear that he has loved to hug, kiss and carry around with him.bunny-antics01bunny-antics09bunny-antics05

bunny-antics04Some of these bunny pictures are in motion but I love them, blurry and all, becasue it demonstrates real life and shows off some of his cute personality!



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