Family Life

Seeing Santa

Everything seemed kind of off this year for Christmas.  I don’t know why and I spent a great deal of time trying to figure it out.

Zeke just started walking around in my shoes and I love it!  He’s so proud to show me how big he’s getting!!

Maybe it was because I was getting my footing as a mom and how that changes Christmas?  I think that probably had a lot to do with it, actually!  Ha!  Writing is a good way for me to process!  Thanks for your help!



I was not sure about the whole Santa picture thing.


We’re probably not going to do Santa with our kids.  (I know, gasp!?)  There are lots of reasons which I’ll talk about some other day.  BUT, everyone gets to choose what they do as a parent!  Yay for parenting!  Please, please, please, know that no one is judged for parenting choices here.  I want to discuss them and talk about the research and talk about experiences and join together in this parenting as one big team!  This is a mommy-war-free zone!


Ok, back to Santa.

I went back and forth on the whole picture.  We did it last year and it was fun and cute, but this year I kept seeing all my friends Santa photos with their kids crying and looking miserable.  As cute/funny as that may be in a few years, it didn’t make it to the top of my list this year.  And then, of course!  On Christmas Eve eve I thought it might be a fun idea!

Well, if you want to see Santa on Christmas Eve eve near me it’s going to cost you.  So, while I was already iffy on the visit, paying $45 for a Santa photo package pushed me over the edge to the ‘no, thank you’ realm.santa2


We went to a hockey game that night!  (Yay hockey!!) And guess what!!!???!!  We saw Santa about to join the kids skate with Santa event after the game and got a quick picture!  Yay us!!  I was super excited, it was quick and painless (free) and done in seconds!  In my book, that’s the perfect Santa picture!!

Yes, Santa looks like he’s 18 but I don’t care!!  (Please refer to criteria for perfect Santa picture above!! Ha!)

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