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Boy Mom


Boys are so different than girls.  I have spent a lot of time with kids.  I have taught dance for many years and worked with kids at my church for even longer.  I was also a nanny for several different families so I am pretty comfortable about kids.  I love them, actually!  I realize not everyone is a kid person and that is totally fine!  We each have our strengths and one of the great things about life is learning from each other.


In all the time I’ve spent with kids I’ve spent much more time with girls than boys.  Being the researching type, that means I’ll be researching, studying and learning how to be a boy mom for the rest of my life!


One thing I know is that boys are seeking respect and have an innate desire to know they are capable.  Our words are powerful and have the ability to speak life.  I want to speak positive, life affirming words into my son.  The words that I speak to him will be the soundtrack of his thoughts and model for his own inner voice.  I want so deeply for those to be good words, centered on God and the truth of who he is.


Here are some reminders of things I want my son to know about himself.  Feel free to add your own in the comments.


He is strong, kind, noble, deep, handsome, capable, smart, caring, funny, adventurous, brave, creative, amazing, loved, tenderhearted, loving and good.


I will do my best to make sure he knows these truths about himself every day.



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