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Mary and Martha

So much is said on Mary and Martha.  I am always drawn to such discussions because I didn’t understand this passage and so often felt a bend towards Martha.  I am a doer and I like being busy.  I also get frustrated with those who choose not to help or seem lazy about accomplishing tasks.  My type A personality thrives on accomplishments and I can easily see myself busy in the kitchen preparing the meal and frustrated by a Mary who is ignoring the task at hand.

When I read this I hear myself saying this protest, every time… “If Martha were sitting with Jesus and Mary how would anyone eat?  What are they going to eat?  Is Jesus just going to make food appear again?  Is that the point of this story?  And what about when Jesus isn’t there?  How about all the other times?  If Martha and Mary just sit around paying attention to their house guests and ignoring the food preparations no one will ever eat!  Then they’re not having dinner guests they’re just having guests!

Any one else relate?!

So, I just read a really good insight on this passage that finally explained it so well!  I’m sure you guessed, it was Stasi Eldredge in Free to be Me!  No, I’m not getting paid and no, I didn’t get the book free, well technically I did because I checked it out at the library!  Ha!

This situation doesn’t have a lot to do with the food preparation.  It is about Martha’s spirit and attitude.  Mary was showing devotion to Christ.  She was acting as a disciple, sitting at His feet, listening, learning and absorbing Jesus.  She knew Him, had a relationship with Him and therefore loved Him.  She was enthralled with Him and undistracted by the things around her.

Martha’s heart was focused elsewhere.  She was consumed with serving and had forgotten the most important part.  Loving.  Have you ever been there?  Been so caught up in serving God that you missed loving Him?

The 2 greatest commandments are to love God and love others.  (Matthew 22:37-40)  Love God is first.  That is because that is what is most important to God.  He wants our love, our devotion, our time and our praise.  What we do is not what is most important to God.  Doesn’t that make you sigh in relief?!  God is not all about our doing, it’s more about our being!!


Kids are the same way.  Spending time with them is the best gift we can ever give them.  It’s the best thing we could ever do for them!  Not sending them to classes or signing them up for every activity that comes along but just spending time playing, listening, watching, being.


I love every moment with Zeke and I’m so thankful God has blessed me with him.  God is teaching me so much through motherhood.  One of those things is of course the gift of being present when my personality wants to be busy doing.  Sitting and playing instead of cleaning the house, that’s a big one for me!



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