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Spiritual Warfare

Oo, big subject.  Sometimes difficult subject.  But hopefully not a scary subject.  God is taking care of us, fighting for us and protecting us.  He wins.  The end has already been decided.  God wins.

Spiritual warfare can look like many different things.  Today I’m not talking about the horror movie type stuff.  I’m talking about the mental or daily life stuff.  When things feel dark and you feel overcome by thoughts that aren’t true.  When it seems like life is literally attacking you.  When things are going wrong, lots of things and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation.

Sometimes the explanation is spiritual warfare.  The answer is prayer.  As my friend says, you need a battle plan.  Go to war in prayer and take along some soldiers.  I’m not a big war, battle, military talk type person, but let’s just go with the analogy!

My battle often looks like discouragement, despair or depression.  The problem is that it creeps in and I don’t recognize it until I am overwhelmed and lost in my own thoughts.  I’m believing lies and let them affect my attitude, perspective and overall life choices.  It’s awful.


We love hockey and sometimes watching it reminds me of a battle.  Players fighting for the puck, facing off with one another, and sometimes literally fighting (my least favorite part!  I close my eyes and make my husband cover Zeke’s eyes and tell us when it’s over!)


Praying after a game.



In “Free to be Me” by Stasi Eldredge she gives a great prayer that is helpful when facing these types of battles:

“I bring the cross and blood of Jesus Christ against all fear, and in the name of Jesus Christ and by His authority I command every spirit of fear to leave me now; I send you bound to the throne of Jesus Christ. Go. Now. In Jesus’ name.”

Name what you are struggling with, in this prayer it is fear, but you can replace it with what you are dealing with.  When you name it, it does not give it more power but instead, sheds light on it, allowing you to see more clearly what is going on, taking away some of the power.

Other battle plan strategies?

Have your praying friends join you, give them specifics to pray for and have them help you.  Be open with them about when you deal with these things and ask them to reach out to you during these times to help lift you up in these struggles.

Write scriptures that apply to these issues and keep them with you.  Review them when you wake up and before you go to sleep.  Read over them before your meals or during other daily routines (drinking coffee, working out, etc.)  Write them on your hands or arms.  I used to write verses on my forearms when I was a restaurant server because I would always see my arms as I was setting down the plates.

Memorize these verses.

Create a playlist of songs that remind you of God’s truths.  Find songs that specifically deal with your issue and listen to them throughout the day.  Music is powerful and can stick in your head and your heart.  It has the power to change your attitude and give you courage.

How do you fight spiritual battles?  What have you dealt with in the past, or today?  Do you have recurring issues that you continue to fight?



3 thoughts on “Spiritual Warfare

  1. I am often under spiritual attack..a few times such as the horror movies can first I was afraid..I’d show fear but still pray, then as it became a daily thing..where I thought how much more can I take? I learned to praise Him right on thru it. I knew He had me. I know He has me. I no longer show fear instead I say, “you really wanna fight? U got one!” Because with Jesus we already have the victory!! Amen? Amen!!!

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