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Christmas Traditions

I have loved creating new traditions with Mark.  One of my favorites is matching pajamas on Christmas morning!  I didn’t discover it was a thing until college but I loved it!  So every year we get matching pajamas and wear them Christmas Eve and then for Christmas morning through breakfast.  We get more formal and… Continue reading Christmas Traditions

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Christmas and Guilt

Christmas is coming, in case you didn’t know! Why is it that these holidays come with so many different emotions?  Oh wait, I already know the answer. Because there is a lifetime of traditions and family gatherings and parties and reflections on the past year and family gatherings (did I already say that one!) and… Continue reading Christmas and Guilt

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Mary and Martha

So much is said on Mary and Martha.  I am always drawn to such discussions because I didn’t understand this passage and so often felt a bend towards Martha.  I am a doer and I like being busy.  I also get frustrated with those who choose not to help or seem lazy about accomplishing tasks.… Continue reading Mary and Martha

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Spiritual Warfare

Oo, big subject.  Sometimes difficult subject.  But hopefully not a scary subject.  God is taking care of us, fighting for us and protecting us.  He wins.  The end has already been decided.  God wins. Spiritual warfare can look like many different things.  Today I’m not talking about the horror movie type stuff.  I’m talking about… Continue reading Spiritual Warfare

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What do you really want?

I love to read.  I just read “Free to be Me” by Stasi Eldredge.  I have read some of her and her husband’s other books and thought this would be a good one.  It was!  Although it is directed towards younger girls it had a lot of good insights that I needed to hear. One… Continue reading What do you really want?