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Birthday Week

I love traditions.  Growing up we had birthday week and Mark has gladly adopted this one for our family!

We have been known to extend birthday week to birthday month at times!  What can I say, we love to celebrate!

My birthday was a few weeks ago and these are some pictures from our celebration.


We had birthday dinner with my parents.  This tradition was from my family; on your birthday you got to pick where/what we had for dinner.  The birthday person got to pick either a restaurant of choice or home cooked meal made by my awesome mom!  Now that we live near my parents we get to have dinner with them at some point during birthday week and then we have our own family dinner at a different time!



Mark and I celebrated at one of our favorite places for our family birthday dinner! (See how amazing birthday WEEK is!!??!)  He was super sweet and surprised me by lining up babysitters for Zeke so we could have a date night but my perfect birthday celebration definitely involved having my little love with us!  So, date night just the two of us will be in the future!

As a bonus, we also got to meet for lunch on the day of my birthday, my parents met Zeke and I for lunch and Mark even got to come by on his lunch break!

Looking at pictures with my mom!
Playing peak-a-boo with us from his high chair!


This little one is so loved!!




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