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You Are Enough

Dear friend,

I feel like this is a message I need to hear again and again, so I assume you do as well.

You. Are.Enough.

Just as you are.  Without doing another thing, without earning, without striving, without trying.  Right now.  Just you.  As you sit and breathe and rest for a moment and read this post.  You are enough.

As I sat with a friend and listened to a schedule full of wonderful things- ministry, relationships, homeschooling, raising children, being a wife and working full time in a job that was supposed to be part time – as so often happens with those types of jobs!  I heard her say, I am trying.  But, I am tired.

In a whisper from God, I was reminded that we are loved just as we are.

Do you know that?

As a new mom I have learned so much more about the depths of God’s love for us and I am so thankful!


Do you ever look at your child sleeping and get so caught up in how much you love them that you’re tempted to wake them up and hug them!?!

First – don’t wake them!!  Enjoy the peaceful moments and count your blessings that they are actually sleeping for a few minutes!!

Second – that love that you are experiencing…the love that exists for them simply because they are yours and they exist and they are breathing (and sleeping!), that is a small glimpse of the magnitude of God’s love for you!

Isn’t that incredible!?

He loves us not because of what we do or who we are.  It is impossible to earn God’s love and nothing we do could make Him love us more.  We are His beloved children, He created us, He cares about everything that happens in our lives and loves us so much He even knows the hairs on our head!  Or lack there of if you’ve experienced that lovely phase of postpartum when you’re hair falls out!  Ahh, the joys of mom life!  But seriously, a small price to pay for that awesome little bundle of blessing from God!


So friends, I hope you find some rest today in knowing that you already have God’s love.  All those wonderful things you are doing are just that, wonderful things, but if they become too much and your schedule is too full, I encourage you to sit down with God and your schedule and ask Him where you could add some rest!  And if you want to talk about it, I’m here!  I’ve been through this cycle many times and I know the difficulty of saying ‘no’ to some very ‘good’ things to make some space for rest!

I pray you are reminded today of how much He loves you!


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