Family Life

Remembering Uncle Buck

I know he is in Paradise with Jesus and for that I am thankful and at peace.  But, as I remember him, I am grateful that I had such a wonderful, loving, hardworking, kind Uncle, and, I miss him.14889728_10100633486719900_4544410340163669204_o

A few of my favorite things about Uncle Buck:

He was one of the great followers of Jesus whom we named our son after.

He is responsible for my first horseback ride, on sweet Applesauce, along with 5? of my cousins!

As a child he bravely let me ride around on the 3 and 4 wheelers herding cattle to her hearts content!

He watched me playing in the pig pen chasing the baby pigs, trying to ‘pet’ one, which he thought was hysterical!

I remember him fighting with Uncle Billy while playing a family card game and getting so loud I hid behind my Grandma Marj.  I remember her so clearly saying to me, “oh, that’s just how they talk to each other sometimes!” as she comforted me.  And then she quickly turned around and in a voice louder then theirs, and one I’d never heard before, like a mother who had perfected it over the years of raising 3 boys, got them to quit immediately!

I’ll never forget the look of horrified disbelief when he found out I didn’t like ham, also over a family card game of head and foot!  He looked to my mom to see if it was true and figure out how she could have allowed such a betrayal to the family!  After that my mom told me that my not liking ham would be our secret and I shouldn’t tell anyone!  Uncle Billy winked at me when he heard her tell me!

Asking him to auction things off so we could marvel at how fast he talked and try to figure out what he was saying!14883589_10100633486590160_1291731257396826942_o

Sitting in the stands at the fair and listening to him auction off the animals and being so proud that the man up there, that everyone was listening to, was my Uncle!

Playing Chinese checkers in the den/playroom on summer afternoons.

Following him around the farm as he worked and taught me all about the different animals, machines, and whatever else he was doing!14884533_10100633486585170_85567944302833237_o

The smell of Uncle Buck and Aunt Bev’s kitchen!

Having slumber parties at their house and walking up and down the creaky stairs!

Having him tell me the stories of their dogs over and over again!

How happy he was when I told him about Mark and listening to him retell the early stories of his marriage to Auntie Bev!14884463_10100633486555230_6561353578459287614_o

So many more, but that’s what comes to mind right now!

I love you Uncle Buck!


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