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Hello Friends!julia-74-edit-by-julia

I’ve been thinking about this blog for years.  Writing posts in my head as I go throughout the day and then never finding the time to post them.  And then, of course, when I do have time to post something, drawing a complete blank!  Well, I finally made the time!

I’ll be posting about life as a mom to a toddler, goodness, how is he already a toddler!?  I also love Jesus, so I’ll be writing my thoughts about Him too!  And daily life with my husband, he’s awesome and we like to have fun and try new things!  I’m also teaching myself to cook so there will probably be yummy food and the disasters that go along with learning to cook.  I seem to have some kind of mishap with every new recipe!  Like the time I frosted a cake before it cooled and mopped up a fountain of chocolate for the next hour… We’ll see where this goes!

If you’re reading this, leave me a comment and introduce yourself!




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