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My Experience with Clear Correct, So far

A little over 2 months ago I got Clear Correct, it’s a form of braces like Invisalign but a different brand.  My teeth needed a little straightening, they have moved since having braces in middle school.  The main reason I chose to get them was for bite correction.  My dentist told me I would either… Continue reading My Experience with Clear Correct, So far

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Texas

It’s the 3 year anniversary of our move to Texas!  I cannot believe how fast time has gone.  I’ve been through many stages of figuring this place out. Here’s some things I’ve learned about the Lone Star State and the South: 1. Bug bites can make you reconsider your life!  Yes, dramatic, but if you’ve… Continue reading 5 Things I’ve Learned About Texas

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Messy House and Friendship

If your friend drops by and you’re not immediately in a panic about the state of your house I think you’ve got a good friend standing in front of you! I used to want my house to look like a magazine all the time.  Actually, I thought that’s how my house was supposed to look!… Continue reading Messy House and Friendship


Are you vulnerable?

Ugh, vulnerability is so hard!  But you know what?  We crave it!  We want to be known!  It is one of our deepest desires.  The only thing is we have to continually jump through anxiety and take risks and push aside fears to get there. Each act of vulnerability is a challenge.  Sometimes it gets… Continue reading Are you vulnerable?

Family Life

First Baseball Game

We went to visit Mark’s family in Southern California last week!  It was wonderful!  We had a great time relaxing, getting in some good rest, family time, us time, beach time, sun time, all the good stuff! Mark’s dad loves baseball so it was extra special to go to Zeke’s first baseball game with them!… Continue reading First Baseball Game